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Wedding in the House!

  •    Vivien Liu – Chairperson of Precious Dogs Association
  • The happy bell is ringing. Precious Dogs Association is announcing a great news! Our cute staff Ya-Ling is getting married with her husband Che-Ming!

    The office is filled with sweet and happy atmosphere recently, every time when the bride is having her meal, we will all tell her to stop eating in case she can’t fit in her gowns. Other staff also says that she will prepare some pins or suggest her to loosen her zippers. Everyone knows that you need fill up your stomach in order to have strength to take care Precious Dogs. Watching Ya-Ling eating her cheese bread happily, I finally understand that people are beautiful when there’s love.

    Still remember in Ya-Ling’s resume under family column, other than parents and siblings, she also put down “Kuma” a 3-year old Corgi. I knew that we found the right person because she included her lovely dog as a family member and Che-Ming and her wedding pictures also have Kuma in them. Ya-Ling’s personal blog is filled with Kuma’s stories. We always say that dogs are human’s best friend and Ya-Ling most beautifully described it. We are so happy for Kuman because he’s about to have a great daddy, Precious Dogs Association is sending our regards and congratulations, wishing you all the happiness in the world!

    Take a look at their glamour shots with Kuma and share the love!