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Medical Etiquettes at the Animal Hospital

The 6 main financial sustenance requirements commenced by the Precious Dog Association for owning a dog includes Feeds, Vaccines, Deworming, Ligation, Training and Healthcare, all of which requires spending. Amongst these, healthcare and medical bills can range according to the severity of the disease and can sometimes cost more than anticipated. After all, dogs are not protected by a healthcare system, so we hope owners can appreciate the preciousness of life and regularly contribute to a medical fund in case of an emergency.

We also hope that pet owners can understand the importance of medical etiquettes at animal hospitals. Please respect that other owners may be anxious and worried and their pets in discomfort. Or just keep in mind that sometimes strange environments will cause stress for these animals that may only be there for a checkup. To help remind animal hospital visitors such “Medical Etiquettes,” we have designed and produced this beautiful poster below to give to our animal hospital friends. Many vets and nurses are already excited to have this poster and have posted them up immediately at the entrance or in other easily visible areas around their hospitals.

For those animal hospitals that needs a copy of this poster, please email and state your hospital name, full address, phone number and recipient name for a copy.