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"King Solomon’s Dog Ring" : Mr & Mrs. John Rogerson visit Taiwan again

Remember Mr. John Rogerson, the speaker at the free charity dog seminar held by PDA last March? It’s been a year already and John, as promised has visited Taiwan once again!

Invited again by the Precious Dogs Association, John’s trip will focus on a collaborative project with the National Taiwan University School of Veterinary Medicine as well as some internal training at the association.

Welcome back! Mr & Mrs John Rogerson

The Bible speaks of King Solomon possessing a magical ring, one that when worn allowed the wearer to speak with insects, fish, birds and beasts. The PDA hopes that all future vets from NTU can wear “King Solomon’s Dog Ring” and learn the ability to listen to dogs. Since its establishment in 1946, numerous outstanding vets from NTU have settled down and are practicing across all regions of Taiwan. According to statistics, 13% of the country’s households have a dog, which translates to almost 3 million dog owners (Source: Animal Protection Information website). When their beloved dogs are sick or in pain, owners will first turn to vets for help and consult at the same time their dog’s behaviors. We would like to thank NTU School of Veterinary Medicine, for initiating the focus on research & development of animal behaviors to help the public gain more knowledge about dog behaviors.

PDA is very experienced in dog advocacy education and is a non-profit dog advocate organization with efficiency rarely seen in the country. We are honored to work with the NTU School of Veterinary Medicine this year and will be responsible for inviting well known scholars from both Taiwan and abroad to set up a 2 credit course called “Small Animal Behavioral Theory” during the latter semester of school year 100. This is the first time in Taiwan that veterinary medicine is combined with animal behavioral research and practical experience. As a result, PDA is treating this rare and valuable cooperation with extreme care. A year ago we invited Mr. John Rogerson, a dog expert from England known internationally for correcting abnormal dog behaviors, to come to Taiwan. At the same time we proposed to him the opportunity to work with NTU School of Veterinary Medicine assistant professor Lih-Chiann Wang on a seminar for medications for abnormal behavior, combined with analysis of clinical examples from PDA’s trainer Molly, to collaboratively find a solution for behavioral problems.

This course counts for 2 credits, with 2 hour classes and a total of 16 classes. The instructor will use case studies to do realistic analysis and guide the students during discussions. This joint project is a real milestone for Taiwan’s dog behavioral sciences! We really hope that the vets’ “King Solomon’s Dog Ring” can help stimulate a positive cycle between human and dog and through understanding, better solve problematic behaviors and reduce dog abandonment. Let Taiwan become not only a high tech island, but a beautiful Formosa where owners and animals live happily together.

Association project team discussing with Professor Wang of NTU. (Starting from the left: Chief Executive Rick, Chairman Vivien, Volunteer translator Angela, Head Trainer Molly, Profession Lih-Chiann Wang, Project Manager Eric, PR Officer Kayla)