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Precious Dogs Profile Detail

Woof ! Wolf ! Legent of Dou Dou [Epispde II - When you down to 15CM]

Dou Dou 's Profile
Author:PDA 2012-05-24

May 2009, summer came early that year in Taipei and the sun scorched the land without mercy. The metal cage I was in was like a grill under the sun and my insufferable back pain felt like I was being pricked with thousands of needles…I fell into the abyss of despair at this point thinking, does life really need all these hardships? I closed my eyes and told myself to calm down and that I only need to bear a few more hours before Grandpa Zhang shows up…

When I was just about to faint, I heard someone call my name in the distance…ah, is it really that Vivien lady? She gave me a bowl of water and told me to drink it slowly, she then gestured for me to come out of the cage and dampened my hot body with a wet towel. I came closer to her and silently let her repeatedly wipe my body. It felt almost embarrassing because I was probably just a dirty and smelly old dog…But when I turned to look at her, I saw her tears dropping nonstop, was I really in such bad shape? Vivien took me to the hospital to rest, had my hair shaven to treat my skin problems, and gave me medication and an injection for the heartworm disease. Vivien encouraged me not to be scared when taking the shot, but little did she know that the shot felt like a mosquito bite compared to the torturing bone shredding pain my bone spur was causing me. However, all these pain don’t matter any more because she adopted me to become a member of the precious dog association!! I once again have a “home”! Adopted at an old age of 14 and weak, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this was possible!

Like any sweet dream, I had to wake up at one point. The moment those around me and myself included didn’t want to face the most happened after all. On October 9th, without warning, my hind legs felt limp and I could not exert any force on them. My bone spurs have officially crippled me! This was a big blow to me. Even though within 24 hours I had a wheelchair to help me with walking, I still needed help to get on the wheelchair to move around. And because I am a larger sized dog, helping me on and off the wheels was a hard task. My pace of life slowed down drastically due to this inconvenience and with that I aged even more rapidly. The food I age did not translate to nutrients, and my limb joints, being immobile most of the time because I’m lying down started to grow terrible sores regardless of the care that was given to me. They hurt more and felt even deeper than bullet shots. When the workers picked me up, the shredding pains from my spur and cankering sores made me scream in pain and I even peed myself…I felt so embarrassed…always causing others grief… What can I say? Perhaps it’s easier to feel the coldness or kindness of others when your vision has deteriorated to only 15cm. My savior Vivien could not come to the association everyday because she had to work and could only resort to employing others. Unfortunately all is in vain if these staff did not possess a merciful heart. As an old crippled dog, I was forced to stay in a transport cage almost every day. I tried to bark, as it was the only way to call for help. Please help turn me over, please help prop me up to go to the toilet…don’t let my weak hind legs soak further in my own urine…don’t let my sores continue to worsen…But those guys on salary just continued to browse online and chat with each other. Their laughter sounded so ironic to the helpless me. Even when an employee with a better conscience tried to help me, they warned and stopped him, insisting that this was a part of the “ignoring the request for help barking” training. Sigh! I’m not a healthy and naughty pup, I’m just an old dog that’s been lying down for too long and has extremely vulnerable skin and flesh. I only need basic care and turning over, not to mention I’m old. I thought humans have a saying that goes: “Care for the elderly regardless of your relation to them”? Yet they turned a deaf ear, blinded their eyes and even their hearts. There was no difference between witnessing the cold and fake nature of humans versus the torturing days in the metal cage. I hated my old and weak body, but I despised even more the ruthless hearts of those human! But for some reason, when those lazy workers came close to me I was always still excited, with happiness shown on my face and a feeling of gratefulness from the bottle of my heart. I guess it’s because I’m a dog.

April 2 years ago, the problems at the association finally started to surface, triggered by the scare from my little brother Clooney’s injury. This gave Vivien a big blow and finally woke up her. After a long night of thinking, she started to come in before work at 7am to turn and massage me. No matter how tired she was or how late it was after work, Vivien would come turn, clean and massages me. She even made chicken for me to help me improve my dietary nutrients, with the goal of helping me gain more weight. Even better, my angel Daddy finally appeared!!

At 8 meters tall, this young man Rick walked into my life and can be said to be my savior that gave me life again. He felt extremely moved after reading the article Vivien had written about me on the precious dog association website called “The end of Dawn”, and through the referral of friends came to visit me. Although they often joke about this article later, the love Rick had for the old me grew everyday to the point of no return. It is said that Vivien had given up her leisure lifestyle and put away her clubs to focus on improving the precious dog association. But Rick contributed many sleepless nights and gave up his lucrative salary at a foreign company to take care of me wholeheartedly, just so I can be healthier and the other dogs at the associations can also be happier. Few can achieve this kind of sacrifice and dedication. Maybe it’s because my sight is now only at 15cm that I can better feel and take in every step taken towards me, and I can tell whether it’s a hesitated one, worried one, a detested one or one rooting for me. The view from below really is really mind opening.