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Precious Dogs Profile Detail

Woof ! Wolf ! Legent of Dou Dou [Episode III - The power of love]

Dou Dou 's Profile
Author:PDA 2012-05-25

Joyful encounters can accumulate to a lot of blissful energy. I was like a lucky lottery winner; from never leaving the house to walks in the park, from being in a state of grief to sudden happiness. I can now enjoy the early morning breeze, taste the dew on the fresh grass, and the moon I haven’t seen for so long was still as bright and clear as a mirror. Even during the cold winter I have company by my side walking with me from one end of the street to the other. Looking at the bustling street filled with people rushing, I never cared once about the peculiar looks I got from them. No one could tell that not too long ago I was just an old useless dog covered in my own excretion, as now I am a mature wolf dog with a fashionable wheelchair. How can anyone be as lucky as me? Adorable puppies might be everyone’s favorite, but dare I ask, who doesn’t age? For me, to those passersby that gave me resentful looks, dare I ask, when you’re old and crippled will someone turn and massage you with their warm hands? Who will be willing to stay by your side? Will anyone meticulously clean your wounds filled with pus? And will anyone be willing to take care of you all day, 24-7 all year around rain or shine? If not, perhaps you need to reflect upon yourself and don’t ignorantly ask again “Oh, dogs can have bone spur too?” There are also problematic parents that will exaggeratingly frighten their children screaming “Don’t go any closer! She will bite!” For their information, I would like to know if every human that sits in a wheelchair bites, why else would you question a happy dog like me in a wheelchair to potentially bite your children? Not to mention I also have an exemplifying owner by my side and a leash. For those that greeted us with a smile, I can see the beauty inside you. For each person that kindly asked about me, I can understand your kindness and wish happiness to be by your side at all times!

As an old dog, I’ve learned to express my gratitude by being a good boy. Although I cannot communicate in the human language, I pray for Rick to be healthy in my every waking moment, I also pray for dogs and humans alike at the association to be healthy and happy and finally, for all dogs and their owners around the world to love each other. I cherish dearly this heavenly life and delightful and sincere affection I am bathed in. Even though my spur is giving me terrible pain, I tell myself that this is part of my body and as long as I am alive I have to live with it. As a result I am now the queen of bearing pain. Unfortunately, the conditions of my crippled lower body are unstable and often have to rely on the girls and boys at the association for help. So please forgive me when my spur act up and is suddenly in pain, or when I see others happily get ready to go for a walk and I can’t help but protest to join even when I’ve just laid down to rest. Other than these occasions, I will quietly rest with my eyes close. Lying on the medical grade electric air cushion is like lying on clouds, with the angelic girls at the association bending down to tell me I’m such a good girl from time to time. I also love the nap times at lunch when Daddy Rick holds me to sleep. Now so many people like to sit by my side and it gives me a sense of security. I will hold on to all of this tightly like holding on to a kite. The energy of happiness will make me braver and stronger! Thus I will work harder to live, fight harder against my disease and bear this pain to extreme limits. All because I don’t want to easily let go of my Daddy, the association or this warm and happy home.

Six months later, the doctor looked staggeringly at me in shock. Because all four deeply wounded sores I had were now completely healed and all blood test results passed, something that’s never happened before. This wasn’t a miracle, but a result of caring love and hard work from the loving Daddy Rick. His undying and selfless sacrifices and dedication made me feel like the happiest dog on earth. I might have gained some gray hair over the last two years but I am now full of hair, nutrients balanced, bright eyed and have great hearing, as if I was becoming younger by day. When I see the sisters from the association or our neighbors, I will step on the gas pedal to speed over to greet them. Although my spur still doesn’t allow me to stand up on my own, my life is rich, interesting and warm. I can eat mouthfuls of meat and drink as much water as I want and enjoy this wonderful dog’s life!

I don’t know why Daddy Rick is so kind and loving to me, perhaps it is an unfulfilled destiny from another life. After all, how close can a crippled old dog and a young man be? This was what I thought until I heard one of the sisters from the associations ask Daddy: “Why do you love Dou Dou so much?”

Daddy answered really coolly: “Because no one loves her, but I understand her, she deserves this.”

OH how I wish time would stop moving forward, pause at this moment and turn it into eternity. But of course I know I cannot change things amongst the heavens and earth. Actually, have you ever thought about this? When you love, you will feel fear at the same time, fear of the day you lose what you have. But all I can do with my Daddy right now is to grasp our present and future, embrace love and the warmth of love and let this love become deeper, stronger and even more real!