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Precious Dogs Profile Detail

Birthday Party (part.1)

Author:PDA 2013-05-27
Does everyone still remember the Seven Little Fortunes “Sheng, Yu, Chong, Ying, Wen, Hua, Cheng” born from the Chinese Culture and Movie Center? They are already 2 years old now! Five of these children were adopted by great families and are living happily every day now. So the association decided to hold a lively yet heart-warming birthday party for them ^^

▼ Mei Mei (Little Wen) was adopted by by Miss. Cai at the hospital

▼ Mei Mei can be said to have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth

▼ Kuni (Cheng Cheng) is still obedient and handsome as always

▼ Kuni’s loving family

▼ Snow White sure knows how to give birth! All of her children are healthy and energetic

▼ Snow White does not look like she’s had 7 children

▼ The Association’s PR Mina busy taking photos and being photographed herself

▼ A very happy Mei Mei

▼ Mei Mei is definitely true to her name, extruding charm with her long and soft flowing hair

▼ Pouty faced Little Sheng who also wants to eat Pizza

▼ Cake vs. Face –Similarity Level: 90%!

▼ Everyone loves Snow White mommy

▼ Snow White looks good from any angle! Mina too!

▼ Passerby Ball Ball (Qiu Qiu) joining the fun

▼ The dashing Spotty (Little Hua)

▼ A spirited and sensible brother as companion, Spotty is truly fortunate! (And Cute!)

▼ Brothers that are hard to tell apart from..(Spotty and Little Yu)

▼ Kuni's special ears: one folded and one unfolded

▼ 100 thumbs ups for being so handsome!

More photos ~ Part.2