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Precious Dogs Profile Detail

Birthday Party (part.3)

Author:PDA 2013-05-29
Does everyone still remember the Seven Little Fortunes “Sheng, Yu, Chong, Ying, Wen, Hua, Cheng” born from the Chinese Culture and Movie Center? They are already 2 years old now! Five of these children were adopted by great families and are living happily every day now. So the association decided to hold a lively yet heart-warming birthday party for them ^^

▼ Miss Cai loves Snow White who gave birth to the Seven Little Fortunes

▼ Behind the Scenes

▼ Vivien and Rick used to pick up after their poops and pees when they were just born, now they are content just seeing them with all the happiness in the world

▼ Adorability is something you are born with, you cannot force it….

▼ A gathering of kids, very happy indeed

▼ Only the professional trainer Dandy can take a photo with the 3 fur balls

▼ The Association’s Chief Executive Rick with gratitude and relief in his eyes as he sees each of the children now happy and healthy

▼ A very happy Little Sheng

▼ Foul!! Way too cute Kuni!

▼ Little Superman Kuni melts our hearts

▼ Playing it cool is still what makes a superstar

▼ The whole family loves Spotty

▼ Having a home and children to love is the most fortunate thing

▼ Association mommy Vivien with the Seven Little Fortunes and their mommy Snow White

▼ The kind of happiness and bliss money can’t buy

▼ Getting a group photo really isn’t easy!

▼ We hope that all the dog mommies out there can be healthy, all fur balls kept from pain and suffering and have love and a home!