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Precious Dogs Profile Detail

A successful adaption, Pretty and her new famaily

Pretty 's Profile
Author:PDA 2013-09-14
The cute & sweet PDA dog named" Pretty" finds a loving home and now she is staying at new home to see if she could fit in. We think it would be no problem at all because the couple who adapt Pretty is very kind and benevolent. Today is the father's day ( Aug 08 ), Pretty has come back to PDA and meet with her beloved father " Fatty" for this special day for a happy gathering . We wish Pretty has a beautiful life ahead and please come back PDA when your new mommy' schedule is available.

▲ Pretty loves to stay aside with her new Mommy.

▲ PDA senior trainner Molly exchanges her understanding about Pretty's character and her behavior to the adapt family, in order to the new home has good interactive with Pretty.

▲ Now i can have the ball !

▲ wow ~ see Pretty can dive !

▲ This is the most beautiful photo we've taken today !

▲ After swimming, PDA grommer Vicky shows the SPA process !

▲ Hi Pretty, is this comfortable to you?

▲ Next would be the advanced part of grooming - Nails

▲ New Mommy is trying to do nails for Pretty.

▲ What a busy schedule today ! We hope Pretty and her new family will visit us from time to time ! come back soon !