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Precious Dogs Profile Detail

A Sunny Day

Sunny 's Profile
Author:Rick 2013-09-17
I’m sure when people are adopting dogs, they will want to better understand or guess what their past was like, how did they get lost? Was their owner a man or a woman? How could they have treated their dog like this? And in the end can’t help but silently curse the victimizers for their wrong-doings. As comprehensible as this may be, cursing doesn’t seem to help with much other than venting one’s anger. Instead, I choose to think about their future, am I capable of taking in another one? If so, then I will without hesitation adopt right away, but if not, then I would immediately leave the premises! One should never have the idea of, ‘hey I already have 4, adopting another one should be fine,’ as this would just mark the beginning of an endless abyss.

I’m not sure what God was trying to tell us last February but it rained for the whole month. The fur balls were all bummed out because they couldn’t go out for their walks. Then all of a sudden our colleague gave me the news I feared the most, there was a dog soaking in the rain that has been pacing near the association for 2 days already. We’ve never seen her before and it seemed like she was looking for her owner. I automatically turned a deaf ear.

I didn’t want to hear about this, and hoped I could numb myself. The next day, our colleague said the dog is still hiding under the car and at this point my old habit kicked in again as I grabbed a leash and went out, but only to find the dog was gone! I couldn’t find her even after I jumped on my bike and looked around for an hour. It was getting late, our colleague had mentioned the dog was a black dog; needless to say it’s difficult to look for a black dog in the night, so I stopped. The rain continued nonstop the next day, but I put on my raincoat, got on my bike again and left after getting the latest information from our neighbors. God was really enjoying himself, as the rain was so heavy my raincoat was deemed useless. Just like that, I biked around the Eastside for 3 hours and finally found her in an alley 4 kilometers from the association. I crouched down and gently called out to her, but she didn’t appreciate the gesture and instead turned around to continue onto her unknown journey. What came next was a game of chase. Worrying that she might get hit by a car due to the nervousness caused by the chase, I followed within a safe distance. After about 20 minutes, she finally got tired and took to a corner to rest. I leaned forward and lightly put the leash around her neck without any resistance from her. This is when I finally got a good look at her complexion - an old dog’s face that was greying and an expression filled with fatigue and sorrow. The second this mission was completed, the rain stopped (I swear, it really did!). Inspired by the sudden sunny weather, I named her Sunny.

After arriving at the hospital, I asked the doctor to scan for a chip as always, though I wasn’t keeping my hopes up, and my guess was right as there was no chip. I’ve took in about 20 strays over the past 10 years and only 2 had chips - one found their owner again, the other is now our precious Ding Dong at the association who had a chip but was unwanted by the owner. Next came the health check, Sunny was about 13 years old, with arthritic spurs and cataract, standard symptoms for older dogs. Aside from the troublesome issue of heartworms, the overall treatment went well. After joining us at the association, we found that Sunny was very quiet, she rarely barked or showed signs of joy and only ran first when it was mealtime (a good sign for older dogs, as they can only be nutritionally balanced if they eat everything). We continued to notice that Sunny would often daze and wouldn’t respond when called. After some examination, it turned out that she had Alzheimer’s, which is a common aging phenomenon for dogs, but they can still live happily like before with some tentative care (I think this was probably how she got lost in the first place after forgetting the way home). There are dogs like Sunny everywhere, who got lost and eventually became a stray. Some dog owners may prefer the method of free range, or have their dogs walk themselves without leash. When I suggest otherwise to my friends, I often get “No way, my dog is very obedient and comes back when I call for them. “GOSH! Can you guys please stop being so ignorant and irresponsible? Dogs may only be accessories to you, like clothes, but their lives cannot be relived. If you are this kind of person, please just save yourself the trouble and don’t try to own a dog!

▲ The helpless look on her face when we first found her on the streets

▲ We finally found her! The beginning of a happier life

▲ Isn’t the name “Sunny” perfect for me? Who’s said I don’t smile ^^