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Precious Dogs Profile Detail

The Auguest Hot Summer Freshmen

SummerAugust 's Profile
Author:Molly 2013-10-01
With Taiwan’s outbreak of rabies in July, news of sudden increase of stray dogs at shelters and of those who were mistreating animals that may be prone to rabies could be seen everyone through the media. To animal lovers like us, this was like scatters of dark media clouds that just wouldn’t go away. Aside from worrying about dogs being potentially abandoned by their family, we also immediately issues a statement to urge pet owners to treat their pets with rabies vaccine regularly. This is where fate worked its magic and found a loving family to adopt Little P from the association. This new vacancy also gave us the chance to do something for the fur balls that were going through this ordeal and thus we decided to adopt another child from the shelter to help with future advocacy education programs.

August was the hottest month of the year. Heading straight to the shelter I could already see cages lined up in the walkways even before entering the premises. Inside, the dogs were showing no signs of vitality under the scorching heat. After some inquiring, it turned out that due to the recent surge of stray dogs, the shelter is way over capacity and the living areas for 1 adult dog now has to fit 3. This led to frequent fights and the spreading of ravaging diseases. Hearing about this made me want to immediately find the right child for the association even more.

▲ Due to the recent increase of stray dogs, the shelter is way over capacity

To choose only one suitable dog from the group of howling, tail wagging and scared children was truly unbearable. How I wish I could take them all away from this hell on earth. Many of them were just lying in the corner, with their backs to the room, as if the whole world had betrayed them. It was heartbreaking.

Then suddenly, while walking back and forth and examining the dogs, I discovered a face that longed for human interaction - it was “Summer.” No matter how vicious his roommates were barking and turning around to bite him, he continued to keenly wag his tail. His innocent and attentive gaze, coupled with fur so knotted that they’ve become strips of hair, left me with a memorable impression. As I left the shelter, each of the dogs’ faces surfaced in my mind. We will probably only meet this one time, yet it’s frustrating and saddening to think that these dogs might have to watch different people come and go for the rest of their lives.

The following day, I decided to go back and bring him back quickly after confirmation with the shelter. But I decided to find one more child before even reaching the shelter, and chose the names of “Summer” and “August” in light of the season and month. Once again stepping in the shelter, I quickly headed towards the motor tail wagging Summer and asked the cage staff to help bring him out. Right then we witnessed Summer’s fear of being caught as he struggled and feared the leash the staff tried to put around him. That’s right, Summer was caught and brought in after being reported by people. Finally, the scared yet longing Summer was finally out of the cage and we continued with the adoption procedures.

▲ Summer’s innocent and attentive gaze, coupled with fur so knotted that they’ve become strips of hair.

▲ August’s adorable demeanors make you want to take a closer look at him. He looks just like a black terrier wearing white stockings.

Summer had a few bumps on the way to the association. At the hospital, we found that aside from being bitten by bugs all over his body, he had Ehrlichiosis. Furthermore we found many bitten marks from his roommates after shaving off his fur. After spending some time at the hospital, he was finally considered a healthy child (with mild anemia)!

▲ Summer, being bitten by bugs all over and with Ehrlichiosis.

When we first met August, they were all still eating. Smaller dogs and puppies stayed in the toddler section, with each cage individually separated. Almost everyone that wants to adopt will visit this section, and you can see other groups looking as you enter. August’s adorable demeanors make you want to take a closer look at him, only to find he looks just like a black terrier that’s wearing white stockings! The cutie immediately came over to greet us, and because he was so approachable, we decided to participate in his future dog life and chose August to join Summer in becoming one of our precious dogs at the association.

August had a long and alarming road before reaching the association. Prior to being discharged from the hospital, we found that he had enteritis and by the time we finished with the treatment, Summer had already returned to the association. Then suddenly we found he might have the dreaded canine distemper and conditions were stale and not improving. This is when the doctor solemnly informed us that if August showed neurological symptoms, he would have to put him down. After hearing this, we waited worrisomely every day, not knowing whether or not the doctor would bring us bad news and that we would never see August again. Fortunately, with God’s blessing, we finally received good news as August was ready to be discharged after a few more tests. BINGO! Test results were negative! We could now embrace him and introduce him to everyone else!

August and Summer struggled in the face of adversity and fought illness with spirits filled with restless optimism, a trait worthy of our learning. The two are currently recovering and receiving training to get ready to join the other trainees in advocacy education. Their own stories will show even more children how wonderful every living being is!

▲ August ( left ) , Summer ( right ) joined the ranks of the precious dogs at the Association.