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Precious Dogs Profile Detail

The story of Ding Dong

Ding Dong 's Profile
Author:Mina 2013-09-24
I truly believe it was a predestined fate..

Chairman Vivien and CEO Rick were on the way to LuZhou to visit a school principal to discuss the benefits of advocacy education when they disregarded the GPS’s directions and chose another route that brought them to the tiny fur ball that was unbelievably jay walking across the fast lanes.

Rick stopped the speeding oncoming trucks with this own flesh and immediately took her in for a health check. The results showed that ticks and fleas were crawling all over the poor thing, her right eye has shrunk and was blind, the cornea of her left eye was so damaged she could only see shimmers of light, her ears were inflamed and almost deaf, her cheeks were deformed as most of her teeth had fallen out, her knees and joins had seriously degenerated, and tested positive for heartworms - she was in dire physical conditions…

It was hard to imagine what this 15 year old little fur ball had been through…

Yet around her neck was a beautiful collar with a bell. We were surprised and filled with hope when we discovered the chip on her, but only to disappointingly find that the owner’s number was unreachable. After contacting the animal hospital that had originally embedded the chip, we learned that she was already 15 years old and originally named Boby. Boby was raised free ranged, which meant that with age and disease, there were no plans for treating her…. Without hesitance, Vivien and Rick’s took off the ironic bell around her neck and renamed her – Ding Dong! After becoming one of our own at the association, we will no long have to imagine what she had to go through as a stray nor worry whether or not her tiny body can handle this struggle against fate to live.

After finally cleaning up, we arrived at the association – Cutie Ding Dong, we will give you all the love you the world!

Ding Dong is a miniature Yorkshire that weighs only 2 kg, and is to be taken care of by me, the only person at the association that takes care of smaller dogs. I still cannot believe how such a tiny and adorable dog like her was not being caressed and showered with love, not to mention her interesting and distinct personality and behavior, which made me quickly fall head over heels for her ~ Ding Dong is highly enthusiastic when it comes to food, always looking up with big eager eyes as she watches me prepare food for her, she will then wolf down the food happily. She moves quickly when we take walks and darts towards you when she’s looking for you, so extremely cute! I personally believe that she was loved once, because she loves sleeping on beds and is always sleeping sweetly on her little bed. When I look at her, I can’t help but think that she is responding to us with the most perfect smiles because she is so very very happy right now knowing she is showered with love.

Left: Always looking up with big eager eyes, watching me as I prepare food for you~
Right: I give you daily checkups and massages, so that the only thing you can feel now is being loved!

Left: Cute child that is more spoiled day after day~
Right: Always wanting someone to keep her company, as long as someone is beside her she feels at peace~

After everyone’s detailed care at the association, Ding Dong is getting cuter and prettier every day. Her eyes can now see better and her ears also hear better. Overall, her physical condition was improving by day, and even throws a tantrum and scolds at times! HAHA! Many may say that she was very lucky to be able to join the association and receive such care. Yet, what they don’t know is that Ding Dong gave us even more, as her tough vigor and passion for life brought us immense strength! I won’t dare hope for eternity, but I truly pray that this little fur ball can be safe, healthy and live longer the days filled with good eats, good sleeps and good walks!

Those are the pure innocent eyes that captured our hearts!

Love taking walks with you. Just watching your energetic ways gives me vitality!

Dear precious ~ Hope you can feel happiness and always have sweet dreams~