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Precious Dogs Profile Detail

The Story of Claire

Claire 's Profile
Author:Stacy 2013-10-08
Facebook is truly an information rich social platform. I’ve always paid close attention to the problem of stray dogs in Taiwan, and while numerous of these children are waiting for a home, I am unable to adopt all of them. Instead, I do my best to help share related information socially and though such gestures hope to help them fight for a chance to live. I know that if I flood my wall with these posts, my friends will probably just ignore them, so I only share stories that deeply touch me. Amongst the many adoption posts I’ve shared, there was only one story about a husky with epilepsy that was abandoned at a shelter by her owner that chairman Vivien replied to. This story touched Vivien’s heart deeply and with tears rolling down her face, she discussed with CEO Rick how there is now space for new adoptions as the association’s Zhong Zhong and Little P have both found happy families. As a result, they decided to give this little girl a warm family, and this is where the young husky embarked on her new happy life.

Repost of volunteer’s post
Today I took this husky girl, who was abandoned due to her epilepsy, out for a walk. It’s been a month since her owner brought her in by her own hands. Only on the first day here did she sit in front of the cage door, after that she curled up in a ball and didn’t move again. After leaving the cage for the park and seeing me taking pictures of her with my camera, she stared at me for a while, and then depressingly shut her eyes. Just a few seconds before she closed her eyes, the empty park was instantaneously filled with a thick blanket of un-dissolvable sadness …It was only when I was going through the photos later did I notice tears were already silently filling up her eyes while she looked at me…

▲ This little beauty’s original owner named her “Kiss Kiss”, who because of her epilepsy, decided to bring her to the shelter, spending 2,400 NTD to process the abandonment.

When I first saw her being dragged out of the shelter, her tiny body was covered with excretion and her eyes were filled fear and refused to move. People that were administering rabies vaccine injections nearby quickly moved away from her. A husky that should have weighed 20 kilograms was only at a mere 15. After asking, it turned out that she was bullied by other dogs at the shelter so she often could not get to her food. A place with such horrible conditions is like hell to them. So what exactly was the original owner thinking? Did they not want to commit a sin, so they decided that a shelter would give them a better chance at life? Did the abandoner ever consider how awful this place would be? Would she even make it in here with her epilepsy?

▲ On the day of adoption, CEO Rick attentively cleaned her body. The white hair on Claire’s fur had turned brown due to long periods of being immersed in excretion…

Thanks to chairman Vivien’s compassion, this 7 year old husky girl was saved. As usual, we took our newly rescued dog to the hospital for cleansing, food and then a health checkup. On the way to the hospital, the poor husky had stomach problems and ended up covering herself with her own diarrhea. We actually didn’t mind this at all nor did we think she was dirty or smelled. I once read in a book that dogs are hygienic by nature, so they would never allow themselves to be covered in excretion. Yet whether it was at the shelter or in the car, this child showed that she was already used to being soaked in excretion, making us feeling sorry and wondering what kind of life she must have had. We quietly told her, “Dear child! Vivien has given you a new name in light of your new dog life! Let’s call you ‘Claire’ (meaning bright and brilliant) from now on, in hopes that your future days will be filled with love from us and can smile once again ”

After the health examination report came out, the doctor said that Claire had a weak stomach, Babesia and with disbelief said that her excretion had the most coccidia he’s ever seen. But with a month of treatment, this strong beauty’s condition started to improve and the severe epilepsy was also controlled. Arriving back at the association, we took her out for walks at least 8 times a day. Aside from letting her learn to interact with people, we also used this opportunity to potty train her. Even though there were still some odd times that she would mistakenly relieve herself in her room, it continued to be good work in progress. Lovely child, let us work hard together from now on!

Actually, the dogs at the associations are all originally strays, yet their conditions were never as bad as Claire, who came from a shelter. This just shows what kind of suffering the poor fur balls at the shelter have to mentally and physically go through. Even though there are no major diseases at these shelters and can extend her lifespan, but can horrid condition like this where even a meal is hard to come by even be considered humane?

I ask that that every pet owner never abandon their pets, put yourself in their shoes and be a good responsible family member to them.