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Precious Dogs Profile Detail

To adopt instead of buying ,quality adult dogs now available for adoption! The lucky one - August

August 's Profile
Author:Yaling 2014-01-28
Dog name: August
Gender: male (Expected ligation at 1 year old )
Weight: 8 kg
Age: 7 months puppies
Breed: Mix ( mixed terrier )

Pros: Estimated adult size to be small – medium , lively, love toys, high desire for food
Disadvantages: Curious of other dogs, likes to mark

What can August do: basic commands, walk along side, rest within cage, wait, bow, retrieve, etc.. There are still many undiscovered traits that August has, and we welcome you to come and discover them!

Getting to know August:

August is the Lucky one at the shelter. Thanks to his lovely personality and adorable appearance , he was able to leave the dungeon like shelter.
(For more details please seeThe Auguest Hot Summer Freshmen )

Looking back, it’s already been 6 months since August first came from the shelter. It’s reassuring to see how this little guy have improved from the canine distemper he first had to the healthy pup he is now. Now at 7 months old, August is really starting to look more stylish, it must be the Schnauzer in him, a trait that always attracted people’s attention.

August has a lively and outgoing personality and has amazing learning abilities, as he’s already learned various basic commands at such a young age. And it’s because of such personality was he chosen to be an intern advocacy dog at one of the advocacy programs at an elementary school. There’s no doubt that the bright August will with time become an even more stable boy!

Those who have sharp eyes must have noticed that August has snow paws. According to Chinese traditions and folklores, dogs and cats with white feet are considered unlucky, and thus many are afraid to take in such kinds. But the formation of white paws is strictly due to color pigment distributions and is actually very popular in other countries. Yet in Taiwan, these poor things are labeled as an ominous being the second they were born, destined to be abandoned. On the contrary, in countries like Japan and Europe, white pawed dogs and cats have been referred to as snow steppers and with white socks, all of which have positive meanings.

Anyway, after being with so many dogs, it’s really not the color that determines anything, but the devotion these dogs have for human that demonstrates their faithful hearts!

Are you waiting for the clever August? Don’t wait anyway, choose August now to brighten up your life!