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Precious Dogs Profile Detail

Pudding The Champion

Pudding 's Profile
Author:vivien 2011-08-09
Everyone knows Pudding’s daddy loves Pudding with all his heart, he signed Pudding up for a Style Trial! We heard that he couldn’t sleep the night before the show! Pudding daddy, maybe you didn’t know that from living out on the street to meeting you, Pudding regain his happiness because of you, he is already a world champion!

Pudding is No.1 on the chart!

Pudding: Such busy environment and I’m not afraid!

Pudding: Keep smiling is the key to success!

Pudding: Oh yeah, my friend from PDA is here to cheer for me~ thank you Angela!

Pudding: I’m waiting before going on the stage, daddy told me to be confident and prudent!

Pudding: Daddy, I’m going up now, please take a deep breath and don’t be nervous...

Pudding: Daddy, look! There are show girls over there dancing!

Pudding Daddy: Really! Let’s take a look...

Pudding: Hello everyone, I’ve grown a lot from experiences~~