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Precious Dogs Profile Detail

Double Ten Pudding

Pudding 's Profile
Author:Author: Precious Dog Team 2011-10-11
Whenever there’s a long holiday, Pudding’s Daddy Mr.Song will always take Pudding out to play, sometimes it’s nearby and sometimes it’s somewhere further away (they are one of the Association successful adoption case). However, the most recent photos of pudding are of him lying lazily on the bed. Looking at his lazy but content expressions, we are sure that these two are enjoying happy days. Thanks to Pudding’s Daddy for helping us relieve our missing of Pudding.

===== Repost: Text from Mr. Song ======

Hi! It’s been a while! It’s been raining a lot lately, so I put on a raincoat for Pudding! Then I suddenly realized~ why is it so small!! It’s already been 8 months since Pudding and I have been together.

What hasn’t changed is Pudding’s amazing appetite! Every time I take him out for a walk he will stall the pancake stand, attacking with deep affection!! Making the owner give in every time and giving 1-2 pancakes! I always feel so embarrassed and was thinking if I should really just buy a pack with my own money!!

Tonight when I took Pudding for a walk, I suddenly had an insightful moment!! I am really happy to have Pudding as family!! Thank you guys so much!! Happy Double Ten Holiday, from both me and Pudding^^~


(Hey! Today is a holiday, can I stay in bed for another 30 minutes?)

(My bed is so comfy, I don’t want to get up…)

(Daddy~~ I still want to sleep…)

(Daddy, you go brush your teeth, I’ll get up soon…)

(I better get up so Daddy doesn’t get mad…)

(Morning everyone!! I slept so well!)

(Look at the new raincoat Daddy got me, cool right~~)