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Precious Dogs Profile Detail

Latest Report: Chinese Culture and Movie Center Series

Author:Vicky 2011-11-04
Rewinding back to Chinese New Year’s day, Chairman Vivien and Chief Executive Rick took Dou Dou back to his place of birth for a walk. They noticed a furry white stray dog roaming the old park by the Chinese Culture and Movie Center on Zhishan Rd who has been straying around the area ever since he was little. Although he had a collar, the collar can potentially strangle the neck as he grows bigger. Thus the Precious Dog Association proposed a rescue method, using food as lure to build a relationship with him and capturing him at the right moment to let the association take him for a checkup and neutering at the vet and releasing him back to the park afterwards. Unfortunately, the association never received any notification and was only aware that he continued to stray in the area nearby. It wasn’t until May 18th that the association finally received a call from the Chinese Culture and Movie Center…

Turned out, the “he” was a “she”, because she just gave birth to a handful of puppies!
( (Please refer to the article “ "The Unwed Snow White Mother" ”)

Under the Association’s attentive care while finding happy homes for the puppies, the 7 different colored puppies born from the young white mother dog nicknamed “snow white”, were commemorated at the center as 7 lucky stars and were named: Little Sheng, Little Yu, Chong Chong, Little Ying, Little Wen, Little Hua and Cheng Cheng.

Although many inquiries came through thanks to the association’s announcement on the web and the three enthusiastic media coverage, due to our strict adherence to the “
6 Principles of Owning a Dog,” we had to carefully assess and monitor the adoption processes. As a result, even until today, only 3 of these lucky puppies have been adopted. Thanks to a generous NT$10,000 donation from some of the staff at the center, supporting the association’s insistence on preventing the increase in the number of stray dogs, we have reorganized the “Chinese Culture and Movie Center Series” report to update everyone on the puppies’ latest developments.

(First day checkup at the pet hospital. Unbeatable maternal love: “No one can touch my children!”)

Snow White
Abandoned while still a pup, Snow White became a self-sustaining stray dog. When she first joined the association, she acted like a bad teenager that wanted to run away from home. However, through the loving care and patience the trainer readily gave her, she quickly transformed into the beautiful and gentle Snow White Princess she is today.

Little Sheng
The earliest one to have explosive furry hair, Little Sheng quickly became everyone’s favorite upon sight. Every time the trainer gave a command, he would tilt his head as if he was thinking “what are you saying, let me think about it…” Little Sheng’s cute demeanor quickly won over the fondness of chief trainer Molly and was the first to be trained as a key player for education promotions. Today, Little Sheng is already on the field, serving at several primary schools, and becoming an excellent guide dog for education promotions! We are so very proud of him!

Little Yu
Little Yu was the “Giant Baby” amongst the 7 little lucky stars and when he’s out for a walk, it’s as if he’s not afraid of anything. But inside that larger physique, Little Yu is a very kind puppy. Every time you pick him up, he will stare into your eyes and study you carefully, then give you a big big affectionate kiss, making it impossible not to love him.

Congratulations to Little Yu on finding a Daddy, Mommy and Brother that loves him. Although this is the first time this family has had a dog, they are very serious about learning how to take care of him. Not only do they come to class on time, they take detailed notes and even made note of the snacks and toys the Association has so they can go buy them for Little Yu to play with. We are positive that this family will give him the most love and best life possible. We hope Little Yu can be a good boy and cherish the happy days to come with this loving family.

Chong Chong
Out of the 7, Chong Chong is the one that bears no similarity to his mother at all. With mostly black and brown fur colors, it’s easy to imagine his father as some kind of fearless mastiff dog. However, Chong Chong is actually the mischief one at the association and is very bright. During training, Chong Chong demonstrates precise agility, reacting on command, almost like a well-trained soldier. He is also very passionate about learning and we hope he can soon find a family that can love and care for him like his brothers and sisters have.

Little Ying
Little Ying is Chairman Vivien’s favorite. She is extremely intelligent (learned to pee on the newspaper in one day), has a pretty face, very agile and has many pettishly charming manners. It’s always moving and funny at the same time when we witness the hugging and kissing act between Vivien and Little Ying.

Recently receiving intensive training and learning at lightning speed, Little Ying is to become the first Female President, I mean, as the first female guide dog. Actually, if someone wants to adopt Little Ying, I think Vivien will probably have the hardest time letting go!

Little Wen
The lucky Little Wen (Newly named Mei Mei by her new owner) is the first cutie to be adopted and her new owner is very well off. It seems to be the norm for well-off women to purchase famous dog breeds as pets, but what surprised and moved us was Mrs. Zhang was not only willing to adopt a mixed breed, but her whole family also loves Mei Mei dearly and often update us with her latest news and photos, such as when they took her for a vaccination shot, when she was neutered, and photos of the kind of trainings and interactions they have. We are really happy that her life is so full of love and happiness. We recently receive a donation from Mrs.Zhang and Chief Executive Rick expressed insightfully that they could have easily used this money to buy an expensive dog, but instead they donated it to the Association to use for setting up an education platform.

Little Hua
Originally, it was hard for the staff at the Association to tell Little Hua and Little Yu apart. Aside from his smaller size as the more obvious differentiation, Little Hua also started to develop his own distinct personality; obedient, thoughtful and a role model whether active or still. Little Hua’s good characters quickly found him a loving home, a family that immigrated back to Taiwan from the US who re-named him as “Spotty,” probably due to the little spots on his face.

Last month, the Association’s head trainer Molly brought Little Sheng to visit him. After the two pups chased each other around in the court yard’s glass house, Little Hua always returns to his new Daddy and Little Brother, almost as if he was tattle telling: “Little Sheng is too rough~~” According to his 2 new Little Brothers, Spotty always stays by their legs when they go out for a walk. We are so happy to hear that the cute and thoughtful Little Hua has now learned to be a gentleman~

Cheng Cheng
Cheng Cheng and Little Ying were the first pups to arrive at the Association and are cuties that quickly learned to pee on the newspaper. Ever since he was little, he was loved by all the staff at the Association. Cheng Cheng is always seeking for encouragement and always quickly picks up new training courses and will look at you as if he’s going: “Where’s my reward?” Even when he pees or poops, he will always turn around to look at you as if saying “Am I a good boy~” with a happy face and a wagging tail. If the trainer says “Good Boy~” he will be happy and satisfied. As a result, I often secretly take him home to snuggle or take him out for a field trip.

The Association recently started incentive training. When out for a walk, Cheng Cheng is always super polite, following with light and happy steps; taking him out for a walk really is a an enjoyable experience!