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Precious Dogs Profile Detail

Hot Blooded Boy

Sony 's Profile
Author:Erin 2011-12-30

There’s an awesome couple that volunteers at the PDA, their names are Comma Mom and Comma Dad. One day their friend urgently asked for help, hoping the dogs at the PDA can donate blood for a surgery. After talking to the owner and completing all preparations, we arrived at the National Taiwan University Veterinary Hospital to meet with BB’s family. (To protect the owner’s privacy, we’ve kept the names anonymous). The doctor then took a blood sample to confirm if the blood is suitable for BB.

(Hey handsome~~ Such a beautiful smile! Is it because you’re going to be helping someone else?)

(Goog Sony boy is eating a snack while letting the vet take blood)

After the report came out, the doctor explained that although Sony’s blood is different from BB, but once the machine separates the plasmas, BB will be still able to use it. So Sony will still have to wait at the hospital until BB’s operation is completed. Waiting was no problem, a successful operation for BB is what was most important and what we were all hoping for!

When we were waiting for BB, Sony helped everyone feel more relaxed by being affectionate with everyone, Mr.Huang you sure are busy!

(Toys prepared by PDA, look at him fighting it so intently)

With the constant eating and drinking, the bathroom is a must~

(Urinating at the entrance)

(Urinating many times on campus…Sony..are you trying to mark a route? Are you taking someone here for a date later?? ^^")

After waiting for a long time, the operation was finally a success!! Everyone was super happy! Aside from eating and playing all day, Sony even brought back homemade meat jerky to share from BB’s friends and family! I think Sony really now understand what it really means when we say“it’s better to give than to receive”!

**** (Behind the Scenes) ****

Passionate Boy Sony, he only went outside to pee? Of course not!

(Hot blooded boy taking a picture with the local landmark like a tourist)

(Once on campus, Sony was laughing so happily, running everywhere and never forgetting to bark at the squirrels)

(Look~ he’s watching the squirrel in the tree again)

(Sony watching the people come and go but no one’s petting him. Hey students! I am, after all, a promo star at elementary schools!)

(Finally~~~ someone came to give him a pet)

**** (Post Notes) ****

On the night of 11/22, Sony went to the National Taiwan University Hospital to donate blood to BB. He sat obediently and let the doctor pump out 250cc of blood, he never even sledded a tear! Sony was once a stray dog, but with the PDA’s training, his barking and separation anxiety were quickly corrected and Sony became a model promo dog for dog advocacy sessions we hold at elementary schools. This strong Golden helped donate blood to help a friend’s life, Sony you really are great!
(Post Blood donation must-know: Get plenty of rest and minimize activities)

BB is now healthy and happily spending time with his family~~