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Precious Dogs Profile Detail

Cody has something to say, “I am the most obedient!” Replacing buying with adopting

Chong Chong 's Profile
Author:PDA 2012-04-18
Precious Dog name: Chong Chong
Sex: Male
Weight: 11.6KG
Age: 1 year
Breed: Meeks
Personality: Outgoing, Loves attention, will follow at your heels, loves to play with balls

Chong Chong is one of the lucky ones from the “Born at the Chinese Cinema and Culture City” series. Chong Chong is a child that has no resembles to his mother Snow White and was brought up under the careful watch of the devoted members at the association, thus he has no bad habits or abnormal behaviors. This outgoing child is curious about everything but can be very still when needed, look at how well behaved he is when in the car, a perfect partner indeed.

The association trained Chong Chong to be a promotional dog since he was little so he possesses a very stable personality and great socialization. He enjoys interacting games like playing catch, and with some extra hours of training we truly believe he can be trained to even retrieve cell phones or bring the toilet paper! Chong Chong has a very cool look and rarely has a grinning smile, but he is no double a loyal and protective dog and is agile enough to do anything. What’s even better is his smaller size, which is perfect for those that live in the big city!

The association devoted a lot of time and effort to cultivate Chong Chong, and he also lived up to our expectation and helped us with dog advocacy promotions at elementary schools. However, we know that this kind child deserves the love of a good family so we’ve decided to open up adoption and let dog-loving citizens to see for themselves how great these dogs are. This also helps create a positive cycle at the association, so we can continue to take in strays and train them to become the perfect partner for the suitable family.