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Precious Dogs Profile Detail

Citizen of the Goddess of Good Fortune - Replacing buying with adopting

Mary 's Profile
Author:PDA 2012-04-25
Name: Mary
Sex: Female
Weight: 26kg
Breed: Giant Schnauzer
Personality: Can be active or still, loves attention, dislikes rainy days

The only word to describe Mary in the past is “miserable.” The breeding farm had abandoned her, her vocal chords were cut, her body hair was completely shaved and balding and the shelter had listed her to be put down after being infected by canine distemper. Luckily, with the blessing from the Goddess of Good Fortune, Mary was transferred to the association and under our loving care she little ugly duckling became a beautiful swan. Mary became prettier by day with head turning dark curly hair that often attracted the compliments from many passersby when we take her for a walk and asking, “what kind of breed is she?” Mary is obedient and cute, has a naïve personality and loves attention. She will often look at you with her tender eyes and nudge you with her head to be petted.

Mary has been with us for almost 3 years and is like family to us. We care for and love our dogs like they are our children; we walk them 4 times a day and make sure we follow a strict daily schedule when it comes to interactive activities. Mary is already a very good girl, so you might ask us, if she is such a great dog why are you putting up for adoption? Actually, many at the association already protested in tears to the recent adoption list. However, we still feel like Mary is so great that she deserves an even better family to look after and take care of her. After all, any child that has the love and companionship of a dedicated family will be even happier. That said, the association will strictly filter through interested families and make sure that the quality of Mary’s life after adoption will be better than that at the association.

Since Mary is a larger dog, she needs a home with more space as well as more interactive activities and exercise. If you are a loving family and want to adopt a dark beauty with character, Mary will definitely pledge her loyalty to you.

If you also like dogs that are kind of naïve but loves attention, Mary will be perfect for you!