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Precious Dogs Profile Detail

The pure and pristine Bambie: Quality association dogs now open to doption

Little Ying 's Profile
Author:PDA 2012-05-15
Name: Little Ying
Sex: Female (Neutered)
Weight: 8.7 KG
Age: 1 year
Breed: Meeks

Little Ying is the petite girl of the Snow White family and is the only one with short golden hair, delicate features and unparalleled cleverness. Obedient and well behaved, she is Chairwoman Vivien’s favorite. Never gaining any weight, Little Ying resembles Bambie a lot, with long and slender arms and legs like a model. She is also agile and learns fast. The association invested a lot of thoughtfulness and training in Little Ying, training her to become a top-notch promotion dog. When discussing whether or not she should be added to the adoption list, you can see Chairwoman Vivien sitting there quietly. In the end, she finally approved the adoption personally but with one condition: only a family with better qualifications than the association can adopt this child. Our goal is to through careful and strict choosing, find a home for each of these precious mutts, and also to ensure that the adoption system has a positive cycle. Little Ying is a highly qualified canine partner, and we sincerely hope that she can find an owner that will never abandon her and love her dearly forever!