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Precious Dogs Profile Detail

Woof ! Wolf ! Legent of Dou Dou [Episode I - The stream in my mind]

Dou Dou 's Profile
Author:PDA 2012-05-23

Episode I - The stream in my mind

Many successful people will publish their life story in the form of a memoir and through it share the ups and downs, philosophies and struggles they had. Me, although an ordinary wolf dog that’s neither super bright or successful, have had many glorious days. And the bittersweet bits, tears and laughter of my fascinating life have a definite relation to the weirdly shaped and complicated being you call ‘humans.’

Thinking back to the Wai Shuang Creeks from 13 years ago, ah even now I can taste the sweetness from the creek water. I was four at the time, a very active age, and my owner was a college student. It was a BBQ party they were having and I remember being told to stay still to watch the fire slowly die down to just charcoals. As I waited, the frolicking sounds of the group sounded further and further away until their scents completely disappeared. I must have waited by the charcoals for a century. The night went by and the sun came up again but there was still not a shadow in sight. My hunger and uneasiness became even more unbearable with the scorching mid-noon sun and for those few days I could only fill my stomach with the fruit peelings and rotting bread they had left behind. I continued to stay by the creek because I did not dare to disobey my master and continued to await my owner. After all, I still can’t forget the image of him holding on to another person and walking away…

Grandpa Zhang, a truly patriotic veteran and an employee at the Chinese Culture and Movie Center, watched me for days by the creek. Then one day he came by to feed me with some meat sauce and rice and said something in his thick accent that I couldn’t understand. I finally understood him on the second day when he waved his hand and gestured for me to follow him while saying the word ‘home,’ a word I remembered my owner say before, so I followed him. And follow him I did for the next ten years. Grandpa Zhang never let me suffer or go hungry; he even had to spend quite a bit of money to treat my ear infection once. I’m very grateful to him for his kindness, but it is my own body that’s disappointing. My skin is always itching and my back hurts tremendously. Regardless, I still follow Grandpa Zhang closely everyday whether is sweeping some leaves or praying at the temples. I know every scent of this area and have many warm memories. I’ve seen this place filled with people and even many celebrities who filmed here who complimented that I possessed delicate features. I even watched celebrities like Sylvia Chang and Yang Kuei Mei on set!

Unfortunately, my conditions started worsen. I was breathing harder when walking and my back hurt so much that I have to walk with a hunch. A summer three years ago, I met this lady who was praying at the Goddess of Mercy temple. She squatted down and smiled at me while asking about my condition. She even petted me and told me to be brave. Oh man it felt sooooo good! She then gave three thousand dollars to Grandpa Zhang to take me to the doctor. The next day, it took me an hour to walk to the hospital, a walk I could have completed in no time when I was young. Thinking back now, that really was a torturing walk, but it helped me to finally realize that I had a terrible bone spur problem. Even more discouraging, I was infected with the heartworm disease. These two were not like common skin diseases that are curable with a shot, but can be extremely lethal! The master once said, when facing a problem, accept it, face it and then solve it! But I am an old dog, so aside from bearing the pain, I can only leave the rest to fate.

The smiling lady’s name was Vivien and was working with the Chinese Culture and Movie Center on a development project. No wonder we saw her in this abandoned part of the city. I also hear that she has a non-profit precious dog association. However, more importantly, around this time Grandpa Zhang decided to move to an apartment near by. With my old body and crippled walk, there was no way I could climb the apartment stairs, so Grandpa Zhang prepared a cage under one of the big trees and came to feed me everyday. I knew he did this because he had no choice. And aside from being grateful for his kindness, I could only do my best to bear the excruciating heat and the times when there were insufficient food and water, after all, it’s my own body that’s inadequate. During the long and lonely days and nights, I tried to forget my pain and loneliness by reminiscing about those glamorous days. I felt like what Dream of the Red Chamber had described, happiness can be expressed through words and cinema and sadness and pain can be translated through words until all can be described. Why be contained by how we are defined by society? Under the peaceful starlit sky, the sound of water on that night of my abandonment 10 years ago is still afresh, clear as yesterday. Between my waking and sleeping moments, I can no longer tell if it is tears or dews on my face.