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Diary of Rima & Precious Dog---Let me cook for you 2016-04-07
Cook for dog leads to happiness, because natural ingredients make dogs get benefit from taking in mo...【more】
Diary of Rima & Precious Dog---Let’s take a bath 2016-01-01
Take your dog to swim is a delightful activity for both human and animal. Especially swimming provid...【more】
Diary of Rima & Precious Dog---Let me take care of you 2015-12-25
To bond with your dog, it is important to interact with him/her daily. While taking care of your do...【more】
The most unlikely best friends: Pug Fugly and Chicken KFC 2015-06-08
Cute companions Fugly the pug and KFC the chick are inseparable after they were introduced when they...【more】
A song of love and lost 2015-06-04
Lucky is ill with tumor, Everyday is a gift to both of us, Love is strong, But time is short, The on...【more】
Photos Of Pets At Weddings That Are Almost Too Cute For Words 2015-03-28
February 20 marks an unofficial and little-known holiday called National Love Your Pet Day. We were ...【more】
Xena the Warrior Puppy, rescued from abuse, helps 8-year-old boy with autism 2015-03-06
For most of Jonny Hickey’s eight years of life, solitude has suited him just fine.
Travel Innovation: United Brings Comfort Dogs to O'Hare to Ease the Stress of Holiday Flying 2014-12-29
Traveling during the holidays can get kind of insane. From long lines at airport check-in, to delaye...【more】
Disabled Dog Jumps Fence To Save Owner’s Life: Pit Bull Mix Springs To Action When War Veteran Falls 2014-12-19
In Tennessee, a disabled dog jumped a fence in order to save his owner’s life. When Billy Collins wa...【more】
Stray dog adopted by the extreme sports team he followed through Ecuadorian jungle 2014-11-27
This is the moment an explorer who adopted a stray dog that befriended him during a race through the...【more】
I'm coming with you! 2014-11-21
Dog named Buddy jumps on the back of an ambulance to ride on the bumper after his 85-year-old owner ...【more】
Chihuaha's eye view: Photos taken on collar cameras reveal the world from a pet's unique perspective 2014-10-28
A new book explores what the world looks like from the perspective of an animal.The World Through th...【more】
Watch Global Be(er) Responsible Day | “Friends Are Waiting“ 2014-09-26
Have you seen the new Budweiser video yet? The godfather of beer hit the nail on the head with this ...【more】
Homeless Man Who Sold Sketches Of Dog Now Has Own Art Show, Credits His 'Guardian Angel' Pup 2014-08-20
John Dolan, a 43-year-old artist living in England, struggled with poverty, drug addiction and homel...【more】
Dog that walked 30 miles back to previous owners who didn't want her finds new home 2014-08-06
Lady, an aging black lab, was whisked away from a Kansas animal shelter by a private jet on Thursday...【more】