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News Information Detail

Disabled Dog Jumps Fence To Save Owner’s Life: Pit Bull Mix Springs To Action When War Veteran Falls


In Tennessee, a disabled dog jumped a fence in order to save his owner’s life. When Billy Collins was inside his house and suddenly fell on the kitchen floor, he laid there unconscious. His Pit Bull/Boxer mix tried waking him up with his paw to no avail. At that point, Chance realizes he must alert someone, and he found a way to do it in spite of having his own physical ailments.

WRIC 8 ABC News reports that the dog went to alert neighbors about Collins by jumping over the chain-link fence that surrounds Collins’ yard. The gate was closed, and there was no other way out for Chance get out other than to jump the fence.

WATE ABC 6 has more on the incident involving the 10-year-old dog that Collins has had since he was a puppy.

When Chance made it to the neighbor’s property, they saw he was noticeably distressed and had blood on his paws. Dusty Lowe went back to Collins’ house with Chance and saw Billy Collins on the floor with his forehead split open.

The Vietnam veteran is now fully recovered after the potentially deadly event. He recalls Lowe picking him up after he answered Chance’s call for help. The neighbors believe Chance had blood on his paws from trying to wake up Collins.

“He hits it with his paw. I taught him how to do that,” Collins says.

Chance is a large dog that suffers from hip dysplasia. There was evidence he first opened the screen door and then must have jumped over the fence to alert Dusty Lowe. Chance’s owner says he’s never seen him jump the fence before.

“I’ve never seen him jump that fence.”

Billy Collins is grateful for his loyal and devoted canine. He says Chance follows him through the house and everywhere outside. They’re good buddies with an unbreakable bond. Collins knows if it weren’t for his amazing dog, he probably would have died the day he fell.

“I don’t know how long I would had laid there. I could have laid there and bled out,” Collins says.

At one time the neighbors were afraid of Chance, but now they consider him a hero.