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Photos Of Pets At Weddings That Are Almost Too Cute For Words

Source: The Huffington Post
February 20 marks an unofficial and little-known holiday called National Love Your Pet Day. We were as surprised as you probably are that there is a day dedicated to loving your fur baby -- that's pretty much all day, e'ry day in our book.

We took advantage of this opportunity to ask our readers and photographer friends to send us adorable pics of their pets at weddings -- because everyone knows there's nothin' cuter than a well-dressed pup in a bow tie. Check out the most precious photos below.

Source: Caroline Frost Photography
Prince the rescue pup

Source: Vesic Photography
Gunner the black lab

Source: Pepper Nix

Source: Vesic Photography
Layla the bulldog

Source: Adam Padgett Weddings
Penny the beagle

Source: Studio 29
Tobi the Pomeranian

Source: Studio 29
Kenzo the Akita

Source: Tracey Buyce Photography
Shmeagle the Boston terrier

Source: Yazy Jo Photography
Norman the English bulldog

Source: Gayle Dawn Photography
Meka the Rottweiler/golden retriever mix

Vinny the malamute/Siberian husky mix