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Precious Dogs Nursing SOP

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Precious Dogs Nursing SOP
Pet enrollment
Go to legal registration station/hospital, please bring: (1). New Owner’s ID (2). Implant microchip and registration fee (3). Rabies Vaccination Certificate within a year
Canine epidemic
Disease Etiology Main infection way Pathological characteristics and damage
Canine distemper Virus Air, Contact Similar with a bad cold inchoate, pus secretion from eyes and nose, vomiting, neurological signs. Puppy has high mortality. Bad aftereffect.
Infectious canine hepatitis Virus Contact Give rise to hepatitis and swelling of tonsils, often cause corneal edema and corneal opacity and become blue eye, and chronic hepatitis. Puppy and old dog have high mortality.
Canine infectious tracheobroncheitis Virus Air, Contact Common causes paroxysmal strong dry cough, also known as asthma. Low-mortality, but often infection with canine parainfluenza.
Canine parainfluenza Virus Air, Contact Intermissive cough and nasal secretion, infection with other virus and bacterium easily, difficult to cure.
Canine parvovirus Virus Oral infection Similar with a cold inchoate, persistent vomiting, serious diarrhea, and high mortality. Only high titration vaccine with protection.
Canine leptospirosis Bacterium Oral and skin infection The incipient infection no distinct symptoms, generally caused nephritis, vomiting, diarrhea, anemia, hematuria, and long-term detoxification. Is a zoonoses.
Canine hemorrhagic icterus Bacterium Oral and skin infection The main feature is generalized icterus and petechia, urine becomes turbidly and green-brown, liver damaged. Is a zoonoses.
Canine coronavirus enteritis Virus Oral infection Vomiting, diarrhea, enteritis are the main feature. Infection with canine parvovirus easily and deteriorate, caused high mortality
Rabies Virus Wound Inchoate abnormal behavior, growl change. Is the most important zoonoses, can infect all the mammals, with high mortality.
Neuter can solve rut problem, avoiding pregnant by accident, decrease aggressive behavior, and correlative organ lesions in the future. For example, Pyometra / endometritis, breast cancer, ovarian cysts, prostate enlargement, testicular cancer, sexually transmitted diseases. Neuter helps that significant decrease the strays.
Canine common behavior problem
Pulling: (1). Lack of socialization bring on excitement (2). Social rank over high (3). Lack of socialization bring on tenseness (4). Uncompleted training
Solution: When put the collar on the dog for taking a walk, mean the training is begin. You have to learn how to be an attractive and reliable owner, and your dog will love to be with you.
Toilet problem: (1). Fixed location (2). No fixed location (3). Marking behavior (4). The way to release the stress (5). Wave of emotion (6). Instinctual
Solution: When the dogs don’t know what to do, use the positive reinforcement to encourage them to know what exactly the owner want and thinking.
Barking: (1). Nervous and anxiety (2). Alarm call (3). Tentative (4). Invited to play
Solution: Barking is the way that dogs express their thinking. As the result, to understand the reason of barking and fix it, is the one way to solve the problem.
Precious Dogs Adoption Guide
Procedure and the main point, please see "Adoption Guide".
The procedure of the death matter
Bring to private agency and have individual cremation. Take bone ash of the dog into the agency. Then go legal registration station/hospital to remove the pet registration data.
20111204 revised.