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How our Association came to be
It was noon on the 2nd day of the Lunar New year in 2006 when I saw the medium sized black haired Mix at City Square. As usual, as an owner of already 3 lovely dogs, I was determined to discard any notions to…but she followed me. After following us home at a distance, her new name became “Niu Niu” and this Black Angel eventually guided me to open this door of hope: The Taiwan Precious Dog Association.

It was after adopting the black stray Niu Niu that I started to understand this minority animal group’s situation and that the source of the problem came from improper breeding upstream and owner’s wrong attitudes and ruthless abandonments. All this eventually led to the worsening of this tragedy where overcrowded shelters are instead a waste of social resources and a place where dogs are endlessly being euthanized on cold bloody steal surfaces. One by one, each healthy but helpless child with innocent eyes filled with confusion are put down. What exactly did they do wrong? Their most trusted humans instead ended up as their executioner?
To realize how to lower the vicious cycle of stray dogs, we need to solve the problem from its “root,” and this “root” happens to be “life education” for human beings. As long as we can make more people aware and understand dogs are born with a passion for interacting with human, and that since ancient times have been bred for human interdependence and as a result were fostered with a perfectly loyal nature then we can improve the situation. Dogs are so pure and direct and the emotional attachments between dogs and humans have long surpassed that of other animals. If we possess the right concepts and learn to understand them, we can definitely soften and warm the human-canine relationship.
We officially established the Precious Dog Association in January 2008 with a focus on promoting education and advocacy. We only want to do one thing well: Promote and education the “Requirements” of owning a dog and the “Responsibilities” afterwards.
A message from Vivien

Precious Dogs Association was founded in 2008, a non-profit organization put together and run by the people who love and care for dogs. The purpose of this association is to lower the number of dogs that are left homeless on the streets, we believe that education of dog owners is the key to solving these problems.
We established Precious Dogs Academy in July 2009, providing a place for owners to take courses that teach them and their pets the correct way of interaction, allowing them a better understanding to the actions of their pets. Undergoing the two year operating testing and experiences, we have planned the phase two. Precious Dogs Association is working to advocate the three main ideas to loving dogs: Understanding, Raising and Loving. We aim to start educating from an earlier age, allowing children to develop their understanding of the concepts towards loving an animal.
We have the passion and professions to support the significance through educational promotion so people can relate to the wonderful and unique image of Precious Dogs Association.  We focus on three mission statements:
1. Educational Promotion: To promote proper concept to raise dogs with love and responsibilities.
2. Information Exchange: The establishment of information sharing platform for dog and registration of medical care and adoption.
3. Long-term Operation: Enhance the interaction between humans and dogs for positive value and to serve and contribute to the community.
We accumulate the positive value of the association through activities and to achieve superiority and branding by creativities. Just like when we think about watches, we connect to Swiss and when dogs come in mind, we will think of Precious Dogs. 
I personally provide the funds to operate the association, with the help of my volunteering team of associates. All income from the academy and donations will be transferred to funds for construction of information platform. We hope to get more support from everybody and anybody with the same vision. Receipts of donations can be filed for tax return, and will be recorded by the association. All details will be posted on our website. The 2010 Precious Dogs Association has two main projects. The first one being an educational promotion tour around to selected Taipei City/County elementary schools, our target audience will be children under the age of twelve years old. The children shall learn the correct way to interact with the precious dogs. And further more understand the requirements and responsibilities to raise one. Our second project is to make an 2D animation before the end of March as a gift of Children's day. Stay tuned.
The Precious Dog Association is an organization filled with sunshine and happiness. There’s no sorrow but only harmony and satisfactory between human and dog. "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" (Gandhi). The team has a unified vision; all the activities will work towards the same goal. We are confident that our hard work will garner a positive response from the community, and the basic manner of thinking and loving dogs will simply evolve into a subconscious action. Let the passion of the association spread and influence the society.