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Adoption Guide

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Adoption Guide Precious Dogs Overview
*** Due to distribution of human resource, Precious Dogs are open for adoption in Taipei and New Taipei City only.
Full Body Medical Inspection Report
PDA provides a certificate for full body medical health exam within a year before the trial adoption.
Basic Level Class Description
* Modern dog behavior, basic theory
* Everyday life and safety management (litter, barking, destruction)
* Etiquette
* Socialization, environmental training (eg. large sound, strangers, dog...)
* Educational training (sit, lie down, come, walk, wait...)
* Relationship interaction training
* Games
Trial Adoption
Including 4 classes of Basic Level classes, trial adoption is at least for 3 months.
The raising goes on after the completion of Basic Level class.
Full Body Medical Inspection Fee
When returning selected dog to PDA, in order to assure the selected dog is under care of the adopter, PDA will take selected dog to animal hospital for full body medical inspection with trial adopter.  The trial adopter is responsible for the costs.  If selected dog is ill, trial adopter is fully responsible for all costs.
Ownership Transfer
PDA and new owner go to the Legal registration station/ animal hospital, please bring:
PDA prepare:
* Neutered/Spayed certificate
* Rabies Vaccination Certificate
Adopter prepare:
* New Owner's ID
* Ownership Transfer Fee: NT$100/each (adopter is responsible)
Source for new dog
Please see “Precious Dogs Nursing SOP” , new Precious Dogs is approved by Chairperson or Leader trainer in Academy to find suitable dogs in shelters.