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A song of love and lost
Author:Vivien Liu

Lucky is ill with tumor
Everyday is a gift to both of us
Love is strong
But time is short
The only thing i can do
Just free my imagination
She has the awesome red flowing cape to fight for
I will have the wisdom to face
A repeating lesson of life and death
A song of love and lost
A Fool
Author:Vivien Liu
It’s been 580 events and 4 years since we first held our advocacy program at Xinhe Elementary in Wanhua District on January 17, 2010.

Some people may call me a fool for paying tens of millions of dollars from my own pocket every year for operation costs, including a team of 12 employees that in between two shifts train 7 advocacy dogs and take care of 14 that are elderly and disabled. It’s not that I don’t understand the harshness of the situation, but on the contrary it’s because I do and because I recognize that education is the key to changing the tragic stray dog issue.

I’m not a trainer, and I rely entirely on my earnest perseverance to continue with a steady step even in times of frustration. Although I could have bought a house with 50 million dollars, the small achievement from seeing 100,000 students learning what it means to respect and love dogs in exchange is like seeing a candle light at the end of a pitch black tunnel, faint but warm.

I must admit that life is full of unfortunate news, the wailing at the shelter, the abused dogs in domestic homes, the strays that are fighting for their lives…Whenever I think of their frightened or despaired eyes, I realize how insignificant I am in my abilities, as it is truly a difficult task to change another person’s values! Even the few passersby that once spoke with compassion and enthusiasm were no match for selfish thoughts that eventually kept them away. “Don’t forget your original intentions”, a saying in Chinese that leaves such impression. I believe that fools possess powers that intelligent people cannot see, and that power is called determination, a fruit of thorns.

Sweet fruits come from deeply rooted trees, a simple value that the team and I pragmatically feed into our dog advocacy education. We don’t like discussing provocative topics, all we want to do is to focus and do this one thing well. Others may not understand the hardship of a fool goes through since the fool believes that dogs, with their perfect nature, deserve a much better future. This world has deviated from the right path due to people’s own desires. We owe the animals too much. Many people believe that the problem of strays should be the government’s responsibility, but I believe that if every dog owner can live up to their responsibilities and never leave or abandon their dogs, the number of strays will decrease significantly. Start with the small good deeds close to you and things will change.

Fools always have a cheerful smile on their face. It is only in the dead of the night do they cry from loneliness and yet drifts into a peaceful sleep shortly after.
We are used to “creating the first” in Taiwan
Author:Vivien Liu
I’ve been running the association for more than 3 years now and have seen felt the extreme attitudes the public has towards dogs; people either possess the right attitude and are understanding, or at the other extreme distains dogs as inferior beings. Some dogs are treated like family and treasured dearly while the less fortunate are left to wander the streets and fight for their lives. I will not fight and push to accuse illegal breeders or dog haters because after all these negative influences are results of accumulated wrong doings. For example, some dog owners still refuse to follow the most basic rule and responsibility of “Leash and pick up after you dog,” causing environmental problems around their community which eventually evolves into misunderstanding and differences between humans and dogs. Sometimes when I take my beloved dog for a walk and the parents of the oncoming child is screaming “Don’t go, the dog will bite you” or “Don’t touch the dog, that’s filthy!” all I can do is repress my sorrows and feelings of injustice. In Taiwan, the path of educating the respect for living beings is truly a long road filled with thorns.

Since ancient times, dogs and humans have developed and cultivated an interdependent relationship which led to dogs’ perfect loyal nature. Their souls are so pure and never with regrets and the bond between humans and dogs easily surpass the emotional ties we have with other animals. Born to love and interact with humans is only one of the reasons we should soften and improve the human-dog-relationship through proper interactions, as their much superior sense of smell have also benefited us (i.e. Guide Dogs, Guide Deaf Dogs, Detection Dogs and Rescue Dogs).

We continue to believe that we cannot change the current issue of unscrupulous breeders and are powerless to stop cold blooded selfish owners to abandon their dogs. But the tragic song of abandonment continues to replay and worsen and shelters continue to be overpopulated. One by one, healthy but helpless puppies that didn’t even have the chance to grow up is brutally slaughtered and put down. What exactly did they do wrong? Isn’t it quite ironic that their most trusted humans became their executioners in the end?

We are thankful there are still many compassionate rescue and resettlement organizations out there. But whenever we see urgent re-posted or forwarded adoption notices with photos of adult dogs with sad eyes that speak of their misery and some with simple nativity for that last bit of hope, what happens to them after 7 days? 14 days? 21 days? Who will cry for them? Or pray for them? Who will hold them and thank them so they can leave this world willingly?

I believe the root of the problem needs to be solved from the fundamentals, through the proper exertion of education effects. Although we may not see results right away, but such education can slowly solidify into an impenetrable foundation. This is why the PDA continues to fight as we move forward:

1. Elementary School Dog Life Advocacy Education Tours
As of today (April 3rd, 2013), we have completed 474 tours and accumulated a total of 91,682 child attendees. The seed of respect and love for life have now been spread throughout these children’s hearts to flourish. They will now understand love and responsibility and how to look at the world empathetically. This is also a way to enhance and cultivate the morality level of our people in today’s society, especially in view of the current lack of ethics and continuous social chaos. The association is the only non-profit association in Taiwan that relies on our own strength and financials to nurture and root deeply dog life advocacy education.

2. Collaboration with School of Veterinary Medicine National Taiwan University
First in Taiwan to combine the veterinary medical profession with dog behavior for applied practice by allowing dogs to be available for clinical studies and teaching, so that future veterinarians can truly understand and solve unusual problems.

3. Striving for continuous improvement by connecting with international standards and experts
At our own financial expense, employed and invited canine behaviorists Mr. John Rogerson, Dr. Ian Dunber, and Japan D.I.N.G.O representatives Kazuya Arai and Mika Ishiwata to educate team members on human-canine communication skills, training the happy fur balls how to be stable and sensible and ultimately making them the best choices for adopting families.

4. Holding free knowledge sharing seminars annually
The only association in Taiwan that can offer 6 consecutive free seminars within one season while inviting canine behaviorist experts both domestically and internationally to help assess and answer owner myths. This helps the public and owners better understand the reasons behind each dog’s behaviors and resolve the misunderstandings between human and dog. This also sprouts more fun and appreciative interactions between the two and eventually reduces the number of strays.

Every time we face operation setbacks, I think of those innocent and pure eyes. The second I do, I will once again gather courage and remind myself of our original purpose, wipe my eyes of tears and with no regrets continue to push dog advocacy education forward. Because what I’ve learned from these dogs have far surpassed what I’ve contributed. I truly hope that the power of education can ferment soon and reveal its effects so the unfortunate sufferings of the fur balls can be comforted and made up for as soon as possible.

It's good to have you by our side on this lonely highway.
Author:Vivien Liu
For the past three years, The Precious Dog Association's sole mission is to promote education. Rain or shine, the PDA has since held 374 advocacy sessions, letting more than 72,000 kids understand how to properly face dogs, learn the responsibilities that comes with having a dog and to respect life in general.

All this did not seem to resonate with society...

The fundamental work needed isn't exciting and the content of the advocacy sessions isn't filled with tragic images to stimulate compassion. Everyone understands that you need to plant a good seed to get a good fruit. But who's going to get all anxious for a suffering dog?

Our efforts are like a lonely highway, but we must go on in the right direction. If our children know how to love and protect animals, understand the responsibility of taking care of a dog, therefore they will not let alone abandon a dog… then this society will gradually move towards a positive cycle. All dogs have a beloved family and every dog is the beloved member in the family, without fear, no more shelter or culling. Isn't this the Utopia in all our hearts? Isn't it?!

We are grateful to all donors Every bit of donation is precious to us. The contributions all the way from England also moved us deeply. Thank you all and it's good to have you by our side on this lonely highway.

We can no longer hide our excitement! The Precious Dog Association Taiwan is proud to announce we’ve reached our goal for dog advocacy promotions early!
Author:Vivien Liu
We can no longer hide our excitement! The Precious Dog Association Taiwan is proud to announce we’ve reached our goal for dog advocacy promotions early!

With our stomachs turning and tears ready to drop, this is truly an exhilarating and moving moment for us! The PDA has done it! As of April 17th, the PDA has successfully promoted 309 dog advocacy sessions at elementary schools, accumulating over 62,300 participants and we achieved the goal of 300 sessions in 3 years earlier than originally planned!

PDA believes that education is one of the real root solutions for reducing the stray dog problem. This is why we’ve visited elementary schools nonstop across the Taipei district and through 40 minutes of fun-filled sessions, guide the children to understand the correct dog knowledge and proper attitude for respecting life. The rich and creative curriculum of the classes helps guide the children to develop ethic towards love and responsibilities.

Starting with visiting each schools one by one, to schools now actively calling us to arrange for advocacy sessions, PDA’s have now established a reputation for our life education classes. This is all thanks to the hard work of the team at the association, the speakers and promotion dogs. Classes are full until the latter half of the year already. After each advocacy session, the dogs are so tired that they would just like lay on the floor, our colleagues will also usually have missed their meal times…but what follows is the scheduled daily trainings, administrative work and communication for each project. Yet no one ever complains, because we all know that we are spreading the seeds of love amongst the children, and they will grow with them. Learning the correct concepts and understandings of dogs will stay with the children as they turn into adults. So by the time we are old and wrinkly, there will be more smiling owners and happy dogs on the streets and an obvious reduction in stray dogs. By then we’ll look back and all the hard work will be worth it regardless of how tired we were.

Education is eternal so proper education cannot be delayed. The PDA has never requested a penny from the government or the Animal Protection Association. We’ve solely depended on the determination and faith of our colleagues to maximize our influence and execute tasks in actuality. We will move forward with courage and faith and with the power of education, help improve the stray dog problem, just like what Mr. John Rogerson’s had hoped for PDA’s to achieve. Once our results have proven our success, we’ll lead the world by example!
We are doing the right thing
Author:Vivien Liu
The Precious Dog Association is young but ambitious and deeply dedicated to promoting and educating correct dog advocacy. We quietly execute quests and have never requested any kind of financial aid from the government or the animal protection office. We continue to innovate the contents of our education materials and are ever so determined to maximize our results through the power of teamwork.

As long as at least 7 out of 10 children who have participated in the “Life Education: Dog Advocacy” sessions and took in what we’ve taught them, we can indirectly predict that in the near future, the ratio of abandoned dogs will be better than now. As the child they are now, the teenagers to be and the will be parents, they will all have the concepts of dog advocacy embedded in their minds and will not ignorantly abandon dogs like garbage.

Basic education is monumental and the right things should not be executed with delay. We can only work harder, continuously making non-stop visiting to various elementary schools, sometimes taking half a day just for the commute. We put on exciting speaking sessions on every podium with cooperated demonstrations from our well-behaved dogs. And often, after returning to the association, the dogs just lay tiredly on the ground and our colleagues have all missed their meals.

No one complains, because we are doing the right thing. Maybe when our hairs have grayed, the number of stray dogs will have drastically reduced. Compared to seeing the streets filled with smiling owners and happy dogs, the hardship now is nothing. Everything will be worth it and we will continue doing the right thing!
To Be a Better One or Not, When it Comes to Volunteer Service
Author:Vivien Liu
When PDA was just started, I only hired a secretary, Wendy, who used to work in science and technology industry as I did. Our work included all the administration and taking care of the dogs in our association, and we worked with high proficiency and great quality. Unfortunately, as time went by, the more trainers and employers we hired, the more indolence behavior and lying came with it. But still, I really appreciate what happened at then, made me to know the dark side of the humanity.

Except hiring the full time staff, the non-profit organization usually needs volunteers to make every mission goes well. To me, I really admire the volunteering spirit, which means to contribute the time and physical strength from one’s free will. It’s a dignity thought but need no reward. For example, there is a religious group, people are known as very constructive, wearing blue shirt and white pants. One time I went help taking care of 60 dogs for one day in Animals Taiwan, my partner was a girl, Lan, who grow up in a rich family, I remember that she leads the dogs inside the room in the pouring rain, dried all the dogs but totally forgot herself shivering.

Usually a volunteer has three causes, one is for growing to maturity for self satisfying, second is for making friends to obtain praises from others, and the third is for the social responsibility. We are very proud to find out there are couples and their spotted Snoopy in association, contain three of these causes, do help a lot to promote the guidance of Precious Dogs Association in campus, also take part in different activities which are held by other organizations.

Although I was good at managing 80 thousands employers in a company, I just couldn’t let 20 volunteers in PDA to do their best! Of course I could understand the target would never be equal to the result, to be bossy and controlling would be useless to volunteer service. I still have to say no to all the rumors, but try to focus on the things more important, cheering the volunteers with a bright way. PDA devotes in sending correct information of how to love your dogs, we have held campaigns in elementary schools in Taipei city and New Taipei city. It is not easy to get contacts with schools to schedule the activity and managing the people and dogs to on-the-spot. If the volunteers cannot make it in a sudden, then PDA would have to rearrange again and again in a hurry. And I couldn’t tell how sorry I am that such things happened not only one time.

Still I have to say, PDA really appreciate for all the volunteers have done. We have the most complete system to show our gratitude, including sending gifts in holidays, even paid for all operation expense to whose dog in an emergency need. Just PDA would never show understanding for any unfaithfulness. We need the volunteers to show the respects to PDA, to themselves.

In the end, no matter what kind of the responses this article could arouse, I only care if PDA could be promoted to the higher standard, working harder for a better life between the dog and the human being. And the faithful love from the dogs is the only reason that we still can hold on it.
The life and death of stray dogs
Author:Vivien Liu
Working in the electronics industry requires understanding and grasping instant international financial news and updates, with that, subscribing to and reading Business Week has within the last decade become one of my spare time must dos. After reading this issue’s special report ”Exhibition on Paper, The Life and Death of Stray Dogs,” I couldn’t help but burst into tears and have sleepless nights.

Currently the fate of stray dogs in Taiwan can be put into 3 categories: first is those who get put into public adoption agencies and is put down if not adopted within 10 days; second is those who get put into private shelters that are often limited by funding restrictions and large gaps in mentalities towards dog advocacy as the living spaces there might as well be dungeons; third is those that are left for the streets, fighting for their lives every day. Regardless of the category, these stray dogs are left to stray, die or to hope for some kind of miracle. The origin of the stray dog problem comes from the lack of proper dog ownership mentality, thus even an increase in the number of shelters won’t help with decreasing the number of stray dogs. North American and European countries have already admitted that simply increasing the number of shelters is a failed policy and not only does it take away animal rights but actually leads to additional social costs. As a result, in recent years, the approach has been changed to focusing on educating owner responsibilities instead. If Taiwan stays stubborn and continues to repeat such acts, this island will soon be reduced to a horrible demonic island in the near future.

One thing we emphasize when operating the Precious Dog Association is that we are not a shelter, but instead we focus on promoting the correct education on dog ownership and advocacy while effectively initiating various projects as we hope to address the stray dog problem from its roots. Even though I personally handle most of the operating costs and sacrifice weekends and holidays to participate while working full time, like a candle burning at both ends, I still always work side by side with the team with a positive attitude. All this is for the future happiness of Taiwan’s dogs.

The Association has already been quietly fighting hard, allowing tens of thousands of elementary school students to experience and learn how to care for dogs and the importance of cherishing life through our promotions sessions. We let thousands of people attend an international speaking session on analysis of canine behavior for free and allow millions of netizens obtain useful knowledge from the association’s website portal. We’ve typically insisted on using positive attitudes to help change the fate of dogs. But unfortunately the following clipping will go against our normally optimistic articles and will very likely make you feel sad and depressed. This is the first time we’ve ever given such serious notice, as we hope that all our human friends can truly understand and experience the cruelty of taking away a dog’s life. Friends, if you are wise and have dreams, we would be forever grateful if you can help assist spread awareness of proper dog advocacy education to groups and organizations around you.

Picture source: Business Weekly
To Two Moms
Author:Vivien Liu
We have made a series of Mother’s Day cards a month ago, warm hand which represents appreciation, a cute dog biting blessing and we hope to bring happiness on this special day. A friend told me, lovers don’t have to wait until Valentine ’s Day to celebrate, care for each other just like it’s Valentine’s Day everyday. So we should always care for our mothers, it’s our responsibilities to treat our mothers with filial piety and make her feel like it’s Mother’s Day everyday.

Establishing PDA has been my aspiration, although non-profit organization requires supports from a strong core concept, labor and budgets invested in the past two years have given me precious experiences, I still continue to embrace the confidence to focus on education through The Six Conditions to own a dog. “Life has become richer by the love that has been lost” - Rabindranath Tagore, my mother has always taught me to work hard so you wouldn’t feel empty just like Tagore’s quote. I still remember the first day of work, my mom told me to be conscientious in my work and my boss, so far I haven’t let her down. I mentioned PDA’s goal two years ago and she told me that I am a person with a good heart and you just need from the bottom of your heart for this significance. Mother’s words are the most important asset in my life and I thank my wonderful mom for giving me a healthy body, raise me up in the right way.

While holding Chio-Chio, who I brought home for over a month, last week and chatting with my mother, I’m not sure why my cute mommy always calls her Yuan-Yuan. Chio-Chio Yuan-Yuan is the Mommy that I’m going to introduce. She is a weak 12 years old female dog who got dumped by puppy mills. It was getting dark when I first saw her, skinny body was trembling, can’t even stand properly but she looked at me with her confused eyes. She wasn’t asking for anything, she was lost and scared. Vet checked her up and judged that she has all the characteristics from living in a puppy mills including her malnutrition, sick and rotting teeth and several scars of laparotomy. What’s more shocking is that she has a tumor in her stomach that weights 2 kilograms (has already been treated.) After meticulous care and love, she is now living a happy life! I do not ask too much of her nor training because we both want to forget the past that she had been through, just want to see her chewing her treats happily with her only teeth left and enjoy her super delicious cheese snacks.

There have been many exciting world-class exhibitions in Taipei in the recent years, in relative our level and international perspective should advance also. Precious Dogs Association is trying hard to practice the educational promotion in elementary schools, hoping we can motivate the significance of lives. When children can start to care for animals, they must be able to do the same and respect to others. Isn’t this a very important lesson for personality? Chio-Chio and I enjoy our walk, we smile at each other on both end of the leash, and I think we both have a great expectation of the future!
Passion still burning, talking about future development for Precious Dogs Association
Author:Vivien Liu
On the day of October 18th, it has been raining for the whole week in Taipei. I, Rick (Chief Executive) and Angela (PR specialist) arrived at Tao-Yuan International Airport at midnight to begin a 20-hour flight time for a 5-day conference held by APDT in Atlanta, Georgia.

P.D.A. has been successful following our work schedule. I am very proud of our P.D.A. team for their hard work and efforts.
--- Elementary Educational Promotion ---
From January 2010 to October 2010, we have accomplished 57 sessions and participants have reached 14,610 people. We are the only canine-related group to achieve such goal.

--- Canine Information Exchange ---
Three lectures held during the three months period, 7/31~10/31 (Calming Signals Lecture & Clicker Training Game Party, Easy Grooming, Two Directors from D.I.N.G.O Japan to held lectures regarding development for canine training).
This proved that P.D.A. has worked significantly hard for these results. Looking back in 2008, with the love to pamper dogs to established P.D.A., hoping to promote the concept of respect for dogs through the platform. I have no regrets to sponsor for the past two years, and I am dedicated to manage P.D.A. In-house dogs’ training have to be professional, keeping the environment clean, service, educational promotion, finance, system, event, procedure, etc., we are becoming more professional and confident to achieve our goals.

No matter how serious my jet lag was, more and more caffeine, headache and stomach ache, yet it was worth it. We brought back the latest canine behavior related research and planned to organize it to share it with the public. Furthermore, I continue to plan for more tasks in order to enhance our educational program.

In the business market, profession and competitive advantages are important to be successful, on the other hand, passionate and persistent are the key for non-profit organization to achieve its goals. For canine’s happiness and better lives, P.D.A. will continuously to work harder and harder, we sincerely hope that you can feel that our passions are still burning.