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What can I do in this age of paranoia?

Author:vivien 2013-08-06
As a child, I had a profound impression of a chapter from Confucius’ The Great Together ( Li Yun Da Tong ) : “To implement great ideals requires all those on earth to share selfless notions , elect talented individuals to be leaders, be honest, be polite, love thy relatives and children and respect life and others. The elderly should enjoy their later years, the young contributing their expertise to society; children should receive the right education and the deserted and disabled given the appropriate care. Everyone should pull their share and utilize properly and share fairly society’s resources. Without greed, evil would not exist, and there would be no thieves and robbers. Families would no longer need to lock up their doors, as this would be the realm of The Great Together .”

Comparing the latter philosophy with the current chaos in Taiwan, not one item can be considered as a pass. With the public sector corrupted and incompetent and the majority of people selfish, this society is fraught with problems ranging from people’s unwillingness to quiet down and reflect upon oneself to persistent shouting and cursing, how can an environment like this educate our next generation to be kind and striving? Taking the recent Rabies incident as an example, the fact that 50 years of successful prevention have now failed is the perfect evidence of regression. How can the epidemic resurface without some kind of smuggling? Even more ironic is that there are currently people around both you and I that are breaking the law. Animal protection regulations states that pet owners need to register and implant microchips into their dogs, that dogs need to be leashed when entering and leaving public facilities, that breeders need to have a license, and that owners cannot abandon on will. Offenders of the above can be fined anywhere from $3,000 - $15,000, yet do you know anyone that has been punished for these offenses? Don’t you think that these penalties are useless?

When I realized that the public sector that supposedly has the power to make a difference cannot execute such duties, we can only depend on ourselves and maintain our own and the association’s poised principals to do as much as we can. We insist on our values for loving dogs with no regrets. When we found out about the Rabies situation, we announced 6 appeals the next day on major information platforms, including ‘one should not abandon your dogs’. Unfortunately, the situation deteriorated in reality as we anticipated. Not only was the window responsible at the frontline uneducated with basic knowledge about the plague for a large-scale advocacy, those responsible behind the scenes were all panicking ignorantly due to negative reports. Animals were being beaten to death, strays were baited with poison and massacred and shelters had to accelerate euthanasia due to overcrowding. Some officials even implemented the foolish policy of banning adoption. Ignorant passersby would curse and shoo away owners that were walking perfectly healthy dogs..Sigh, I must admit with a broken heart that this vicious cycle makes Taiwan a country that has fallen behind…way behind.

Even with a broken heart, I have to continue to do what’s right. The association and I went up to shelters in Taipei City and New Taipei City last weekend to adopt. Even though we now need to hire more manpower and increase our budget, but at least we can have a clear conscience. When we were doing the adoption paper works at the shelter, tears were already dropping down my face from the conflicted pain that emerged inside me like living hell as I listened to the other children that were still inside howl and cry. Each cry was like a dagger through my heart. With these tears, aside from hoping to induce more groups with the ability and qualifications for adoption to respond, I also hope to plead for no more abandonment. I must painfully share with everyone that, with the current shelters limited by manpower, those dogs inside the shelter must be enduring utter mental and physical pain, and euthanasia is definitely not peaceful at all. I am sure that the shelters are doing their best already, but the true culprits that led to the unfortunate lonely wanderings of these children are the humans that abandoned them! I beg everyone to stop committing sins. Stay with your pets no matter what and treat them with sympathy, thank you.

Those that abandon far surpass those that adopt. Our efforts have limits, so please give these innocent children a chance. Don’t leave them no matter what and respect life.

Child, if you could, please pray for your friends that are still at the shelter, pray that they can find a good family soon.