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What is the Love-Your-Dog Advocacy Education Program?

Author:vivien 2013-08-28
The goal of the Love-Your-Dog Advocacy Program for Elementary Schools is to help kids learn to respect life through an enjoyable 50-mins class.

Over the last three years, we have completed 518 rounds of free Advocacy Education Program at different elementary schools throughout Taipei City & County, all of which were our own budget and ran with our own strong will and best efforts. More than 100,000 kids have now participated in the program, where they learned the importance of respecting lives and developed their love & care for dogs through fun activities.

The content of the program is: The instructor will first demonstrate a hello with the PDA dog and introduce himself/herself. Then, the main speaker will present what a dog’s body language, sense of smell, hearing and emotional nature is like. The animation “The Adventure of My Precious Dog” will then be shown on DVD to help teachers / students better empathize with how dogs think or behave. Afterwards, the instructor will bring PDA trained dogs to interact with students in a safe and appropriate manner, including helping students who are afraid of dogs to learn how to deal with them. Finally, PDA dogs will show talents that helps human with their acute sense of smell, which is followed up with a rewarded Q&A session that not only enhances the children’s wits but also helps to leave a stronger impression of the advocacy program.

As the saying goes, ten minutes of brilliant performance on-stage comes from ten years of hard work off-stage. Our team practices and interacts with our trained dogs every day in preparation for each session while ensuring all our precious dogs are healthy, lively and stable. Our staff also works hard to contact schools in different districts, we always arrive on time every activity. All these performace takes one simple belief, that is to help children understand how to cherish and love living beings around them and learn about the responsibilities for a dog, and to never abandon them. With this, our society can slowly move towards a positive cycle, where there will be no fear or culling. That is what utopia is to us.