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A Fool

Author:vivien 2014-01-27
It’s been 580 events and 4 years since we first held our advocacy program at Xinhe Elementary in Wanhua District on January 17, 2010.

Some people may call me a fool for paying tens of millions of dollars from my own pocket every year for operation costs, including a team of 12 employees that in between two shifts train 7 advocacy dogs and take care of 14 that are elderly and disabled. It’s not that I don’t understand the harshness of the situation, but on the contrary it’s because I do and because I recognize that education is the key to changing the tragic stray dog issue.

I’m not a trainer, and I rely entirely on my earnest perseverance to continue with a steady step even in times of frustration. Although I could have bought a house with 50 million dollars, the small achievement from seeing 100,000 students learning what it means to respect and love dogs in exchange is like seeing a candle light at the end of a pitch black tunnel, faint but warm.

I must admit that life is full of unfortunate news, the wailing at the shelter, the abused dogs in domestic homes, the strays that are fighting for their lives…Whenever I think of their frightened or despaired eyes, I realize how insignificant I am in my abilities, as it is truly a difficult task to change another person’s values! Even the few passersby that once spoke with compassion and enthusiasm were no match for selfish thoughts that eventually kept them away. “Don’t forget your original intentions”, a saying in Chinese that leaves such impression. I believe that fools possess powers that intelligent people cannot see, and that power is called determination, a fruit of thorns.

Sweet fruits come from deeply rooted trees, a simple value that the team and I pragmatically feed into our dog advocacy education. We don’t like discussing provocative topics, all we want to do is to focus and do this one thing well. Others may not understand the hardship of a fool goes through since the fool believes that dogs, with their perfect nature, deserve a much better future. This world has deviated from the right path due to people’s own desires. We owe the animals too much. Many people believe that the problem of strays should be the government’s responsibility, but I believe that if every dog owner can live up to their responsibilities and never leave or abandon their dogs, the number of strays will decrease significantly. Start with the small good deeds close to you and things will change.

Fools always have a cheerful smile on their face. It is only in the dead of the night do they cry from loneliness and yet drifts into a peaceful sleep shortly after.