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Meticulous love - A commemorative review for completing 600 advocacy events

Author:PDA Team 2014-04-16
The association rarely receives external donations and all operation costs over the last five years have been handled alone by chairman Vivien. This along with 12 full time employees carrying out their duties has collectively acted as one to maintain this manor of love. We love dogs, and we hope that in future, more people will learn to love dogs even more than we do now, and that is why we focus simply on doing a good job of education advocacy. Aside from practicing and interacting with the dogs, we have to meticulously care for them every day, yes, every single day. This includes checking their physical conditions like their coat, skin, teeth, limbs…X X X X (with each X an item on the checkup checklist). But this is also a way for us to improve our emotional connection as these dogs are like our family and we love them deeply!