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Sweat and tears intertwined - A commemorative review for completing 600 advocacy events

Author:PDA Team 2014-04-18
It’s pleasant as it’s still early Spring, so perhaps it’s hard to imagine the association instructors earnestly sharing the correct canine knowledge on stage with the advocacy dogs non-stop panting by their side in the 30+ degrees hot summer weather. All this for a 40 minute class to in hopes to help change how these children think so that there is a chance we can reduce the unfortunate incidents of dog abandonment in the future. The fatigue from travelling exhausts both man and dog. Sometimes when I see the dogs performing perfectly at the schools but lying on the floor in tiredness after returning to their rooms, I can’t help but feel bad and tear, even forgetting my own missed meals due to the busy road schedule. “What is done by night appears by day,” perhaps one advocacy session can help to reduce one poor stray in the future. So bring on the storm, the rain and the scorching heat, as no matter how tough, this is all worth it.