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Selfless love - A commemorative review for completing 600 advocacy events

Author:PDA Team 2014-04-19
600 campus advocacy events may not mean much to most people; as we saw from the few ‘likes’ we received on Facebook. You can see the loneliness behind such educational efforts, and we can’t help but feel frustrated. Perhaps there are many who love their own dogs dearly, but what worries us more are the suffering strays on the streets, or even the ones tortured by their owners. Although efforts of rescue and resettlement are admirable, to really solve the problem from its roots, we have to start from “educating the heart.” The number of children the association has reached out through its education advocacy program now exceeds 100,000. All of these children now possess the correct knowledge about dogs and understands the importance of respecting life – never abandon or torture. We believe that they will influence those around them as well as their next generations. Isn’t this what it takes to slowly yet steadily change the fate of dogs? Please support education advocacy, and we hope that one day the education bureau can add “Life Education” to the curriculum for elementary students.