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Diary of Rima & Precious Dog---Let’s take a bath

Author:PDA Team 2016-01-01
Take your dog to swim is a delightful activity for both human and animal.

Especially swimming provides not only rehabilitation and weight control to dogs, but human also benefits from doing it.

In addition, washing your dog after swimming is another way to enhance your relationship with your dog where you can get to know your dog’s body and physical condition while taking a bath for him/her. So why not doing it?

However, do you know how to make a pleasant dog bath?

Come and take a look at Rima & Precious Dog for a fun bath!

Precious Dog Association is aimed to promote adequate concept of life education in every elementary school. We believe that only emphasizing the importance of respecting any living creature and being responsible when adopting dogs can eventually improve and resolve the problems of stray dogs.

As long as every owner takes care of the pet from the bottom of his/her heart by cherishing dogs’ lives and say no to the abandonment, a world with no stray dogs but only happy dogs are foreseen. A small click of sharing this message will be much appreciated. Love is everywhere, especially in dogs. Please help us to pass it on and make our world and of course, dog’s world, better! Thank you.